by Overseas

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released April 29, 2014

Recorded and mixed in San José, Costa Rica by Marcos Monnerat
Additional vocals recorded in Wallingford, Connecticut by Ian Bates
Mastered in Wakefield, Massachusetts by Jay Maas

Art & Layout by Estudio ÉSM
Cover photo by Eric Strijbos
Insert photo Jorge González

All songs written by Overseas
All lyrics written by Ricardo Arias
Guest vocals on “Closure” by Chris Martin (Hostage Calm)

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TWITTER: www.twitter.com/overseaspunk

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Overseas San José, Costa Rica

Rock band from Costa Rica

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Track Name: Blue
They say you are gone, you could not stay and watch me burn. I know where you’ve been hiding your face, wasting away. Wake up all alone in your cold bed, covered in shame. No one to blame. And it paints me blue to know that you are just a shade of what you used to be. And you spend your time trying to find something worth losing your peace of mind. Waste it all away in your cold bed.
Track Name: Hardship
This is my way to tell myself there are things I need to let set sail, the passing of time keeps echoing on and on in my head. This sore sensation in my legs, the time the ground has met my face, I’m just trying to keep it all together though. I saw it all go down in front of my disbelieving eyes, my knuckles turned to white and I can’t help to think it’s all the end. Would you look me in the eye and say that everything is fine? Because these hands are tired of holding on to something that was never mine. This is my way to tell myself there are things I need to let set sail, the passing of time keeps echoing on and on in my head.
Track Name: Lecture
In spite of my strength, the older I get the less I sleep, I’m done with promises to keep and I can’t help to recall what my old man once said to me: “Son, the less you give a damn the more you live”. I’m coming out of my grave, I’ve got some things to say: Walk the path, stray from it, flip a coin just for the sake of it and make the best of whatever comes next. And never think too much about your next step, our biggest fear should be to ever be afraid. Even broken, think of yourself as just bent, and don’t you dare regretting all those days spent living free. For you will lose all sense of who you are and where you come from, And when you do so, it’s a lonesome way back home.
Track Name: Walk Alone
I’m on my own writing words that no one will get, I got tired of the phone and your voice in my head. I tried on and on, but I walk alone. All of the knives that you’ve thrown, the wounds that I’ve bled and the ice in your bones made my knuckles dye red. I tried screaming, but you were not listening. In my defense, I must say this is not what I signed up for. Back in the day when you thought it was me you could change to fit the mold, and tell all your friends you had made it, finally fixed what you hated. Take it from me, he who ruins his life and his fate giving up his beliefs which once he embraced, and looks for himself in someone else’s place, never knew self-respect. I pictured something different or raised the bar too high, so I’d rather just pick up the pieces and say goodbye.
Track Name: 35
I heard the words, though my ears were clogged. Denial’s quite a plug, sat down disbelievingly on the edge of the world. It all came back to me flashed before my eyes, rides on bikes and skateboard tricks, 1996. And I will never forget all of the things that we promised. This is not the end, it’s just a brand new start, so pick up where you left. They speak of one whose drive is never torn, cut out to be a lion-hearted wolf. And when the world falls down a light is always on, to open up your eyes and go back home. 35 you are the bravest man alive, forever fearless through the dark. 35 you are the bravest man alive, walking this world against all odds.
Track Name: Closure - Feat. Cmar (Hostage Calm)
I barely locked my door, I knew you’d come back home to cry and make amends, try and become friends. I’m sorry, I can assure this is not the way I wanted this to end, but it’s much too late for this. I lack the words to paint the picture clear enough for you to see. I have been cursed; these walls are closing in on me and make it hard to run. Breathing lungs, casting stones. Pull the curtain, now I’m gone and never coming back. Fingers crossed, firing guns. This is treachery, I’ll never turn my fucking back on you.